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'Tis The Season

Spin your holiday with Brian O’Neal. Christmas classics like you’ve never heard them, the Brian “Bean” O’Neal way! He applies his unique talent in a way to make these holiday favorites his own. From the fabulous vocals of Shiron Denise (vocalist; “Daisy”) on “Jingle Bells”, to his sweet rendition of “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas”, this Holiday season is sure to be a “jazzy” one with the release of Brian’s Holiday CD “Tis the Season”. Hear what’s being said about this collection.


Brian O’Neal’s sophomore solo project, simply characterized as "Music Therapy". Daisy is an all-embracing collection of songs from the heart and soul of Brian O’Neal which pays tribute to his late grandmother Daisy O’Neal, who both influenced and nurtured his musical endeavors. It expresses a multifaceted array of compilations, polished flavor and much more. On it he exploits his versatility with an explosive composition called "Daisy" the title track, as well as the melodic sound of the track "No Words Necessary" which takes you on a magical journey of self expression without words. The song titled "Mesmerized" is one of his favorite musical productions, which sustains an array of positive energies from all who embark upon it. Recorded at Masterpiece and Beehive studios, performed and produced by Brian and a select few of Detroit’s notable musicians, it showcases his talents, versatility and energy as a composer, producer and performer.


Mood Swings

Brians's first published cd.Mood Swings is a step into Jazz for a generation raised on Hip-Hop. Looped, syncopated beats that find their roots in Top 40 and Adult Contemporary R&B grooves. In the broadest sense, one could classify this music as "Easy Listening" or "Light Jazz." And true, this is an excellent album for candlelight and a smooth Cabernet, but that would be a failure on the listener's part to see the overflowing musical merits of this album. With what would seem to be a very limiting looped rhythm and harmonic structure, he is always adding and subtracting little counter melodies or doubling parts on other instruments and keeps things incredibly fresh and interesting throughout.

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